Buns Are Breaking Off My Natural Hair

Buns and puffs are my favorite go-to style for my natural hair. When its raining outside, Messy bun. On your way to the office, Sleek Bun. Have to run to the store for some milk, you guessed it, BUN. Buns and puffs are quick and cute. They can be worn dancing the night away Friday night and then back in the office setting Monday morning. Most importantly, buns are a great protective style, keeping your hair off of your clothing and ends tucked away.

So how could this lazy-natural, miracle style be the culprit of my hair breakage?

My hair’s weakest point is my crown. The crown of my head has always been shorter then the rest of my hair because it is always breaking off. I realized really late in the game that the stress of my hair consistently being pulled up is whats causing my breakage.


With me being in the Military, my hair has to be pulled back into a bun.

And when I am carrying on my everyday life my hair tends to be pulled up in a bun or puff.

It was too much pulling and strain on my strands.

Sometimes breakage is inevitable but these are some tips I recommend to lower your chances of breakages when wearing buns/puffs:

  • Make sure your hair is not pulled up too tight
  • Try not to keep pulling your hair into the style everyday. If you can make the style last days on end this would be best
  • While wearing your style for days take an applicator bottle with your favorite moisturizer and get make sure to keep your hair well moisturized to avoid breakage
  • Give your hair a break, wear a twist-out or braid-out for a week to take the stress off your hair.
  • Make sure whatever you are using to pull your hair up does not have any metal bands or anything that could potentially pull and snag your hair.

Have you experienced breakage while protective styling? Comment below

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  1. I’ve experienced the same too. Around my edges. I always make sure I put on a loose bun so that I don’t pull the edges out!

  2. Whoa! This is interesting, Usually my crown is my strongest area and I experience breakage around my edges with buns. Good tips though

  3. I’ve experienced this and have noticed that my hair breaks off a lot when I wear buns. Alot of which I feel it attributed to lack of moisture.

    1. Yes, I used to wear my buns for 4 days straight without re-moisturizing. It was sad lol.

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