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Stretching Hair Without Heat–FAIL!


Happy Tuesday Coily Clan!

I ended up washing my hair this past Sunday. It really needed it.

Now typically on wash day, I follow up with a blow dry or my go-to method of stretching my hair.

But this Sunday I wanted to try something different. Truthfully I was just being lazy Lol!

So after I washed and deep conditioned my hair, I applied my moisturizer (review coming soon) and began flat twisting my soaking wet hair against my head.

That’s right guys, I didn’t even try to wring out the excess water, smh.

I did a total of 6 twists. 2 in the back and 2 on each side of my head. I then bobby-pinned each twist on the opposite side of my head, in hopes that it would dry in that stretched state. I threw on a scarf and a bonnet and just like that I was done with wash day.

Now once again being a lazy natural, I kept those twist in until this morning (2days).

Fast forward to me undoing the twist- I was not too pleased with the outcome.

Maybe it is because I have received a better stretch from my usual go-to methods.

I do like that my roots are pretty straight.

I guess this will work out okay for a high puff. I do not think I would attempt to stretch my hair this way again.

What do you guys think?

How do you stretch your hair without using heat?

Let me know below!


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