Creme Of Nature’s Twirling Custard-Review

Hey Coily Clan.

I have to tell you guys about this product that I just fell in love with!

So about two months ago I was in Walmart just browsing their hair care products, and this Creme of Nature product caught my attention. I really like Creme of Nature’s product line so I figured I would give this a try.

It’s called Twirling Custard and it is a curl styling gel. It was about 10$ for an 11.5 oz jar at Walmart. It is about 12$ on Amazon. It is 9$ on Sally Beauty.


Per the jar, this product is supposed to “Define & elongate for crunch-free curls.”

Guys, I love this product!

It smells amazing. I can’t describe exactly what it smells like, but if you have used any Creme of Nature products then you know the smell I am referring to.

It has more of a watery consistency to it. You can dig you finger down to the bottom of the jar but  still wont pull out a lot of product.


This product defines my coils amazingly. Even just using this product alone, I loved the results.

I feel that is helps with frizz and it keeps my hair moisturized nicely.

I didn’t get any white residue.


I used this product on both wet and dry hair. I feel I received  better results with dry hair but the results received on wet hair were good as well.

Now as for elongating my curls and receiving no shrinkage–That’s not the case for my hair. Both on wet and dry hair I received shrinkage. But it’s a watery product so I expected such.

I have only received crunchy feeling curls one time using this product. That was when I used it with a Shea Moisture product. I blame Shea Moisture LOL!

Every other time I used, I was left with soft, bouncy coils.

This product has become a staple when doing twist-outs and even just moisturizing my hair in general.

I love it.!

Have you tried this product? How did it work for you? Let me know down below.

*I purchased this product with my own money*

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  1. Wow looks like an amazing product thanks for sharing, I will definitely look for it

    1. I love it! Thanks for stopping by

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