Is Wild Growth Oil Worth The Hype?

Happy Saturday Beautiful,

I am sitting here cleaning up all of this Wild Growth oil that decided to spill over everything (Ugh!) and I figured this was a perfect time to tell you guys how I feel about the product!

There are two different kinds of this oil. One is in a white bottle and called Wild Growth Hair Oil and the other comes in a yellow bottle and is called Wild Growth Light Moisturizing Oil. The oil in the white bottle is more yellowish in color. The oil in the yellow bottle is more so clear.


The white bottle is said to have a re-texturizing agent to help with detangling and frizz. Where as the yellow bottle doesn’t. I personally do not notice a difference between the two. I use them both interchangeably.

So I am just going to go ahead and say it: this oil stinks! Not stink, as in–its a bad product, but actually stinks! I do not like the smell at all. It smells like a mixture between Kanekalon hair, nuts or seeds, and Vick’s Vapor Rub. Yuck! I try to mix it up with a more pleasant smelling product but the Wild Growth Oil’s scent is very overpowering.


Moving on from the smell, I did achieve noticeable thickness from using this product. If you haven’t already, check out my “ Journey To Healthy Hair ” post, where you can see pictures of the thickness I received. I have this product to thank for that!

This product is also a great moisturizer. This is my go-to oil while my hair is in a protective style. The nozzle makes it easier to get to my scalp, which is a plus. I also use this oil when I am taking down a protective style. It gives a great amount of slip.

I have used this oil a few times for hot oil treatments as well and I loved it.

This product gives a nice natural shine to my hair. A little does go a long way. (I learned the hard way, as I was at work with oil dripping down the sides of my face LOL)

As for achieving great length, as the bottle claims, I did see good growth when used consistently. my hair grew about 3 inches in 2 months. Which is a lot for me.

Both oils come in a 4 fl. ounce bottle, but they last a decent amount of time.

Overall, I give this oil a 9 out of 10.


If you are interested, I purchased these oils off of Amazon.

Wild Growth Set (Hair Oil 4 oz + Light Oil Moisturizer 4 oz)

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases*

Also, check out my recent length check to see how much more my hair has grown.


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