Holiday Hair

Hey Coily’s,

The last holiday of 2017 is approaching fast. Most of you have already finished your shopping and dinner menu for the occasion. The rest of you are probably going to finish up some last minute shopping this weekend!

Many of you have family coming from all over and some are just having a gathering with just close relatives and friends.

Now in the midst of all the chaos the holiday brings, have you decided what you were going to do with your hair?

I was so wrapped up in decorating and wrapping gifts that I had forgotten all about my hair!.

My hair had been in the same high puff for the last 3 days and there was no way it could stay that way for Xmas and New Years.

Yesterday I took a trip to the salon because I didn’t have the energy to attempt a twist- out that may or may not come out how I envisioned Lol.

Take a look at my Holiday Hair:




These took 2 hours to complete. I am 5’3 so the ponytail is long, reaching my bottom. I love that my braider doesn’t braid too tight. If anyone has gotten their hair braided too tight before then you understand the importance of finding someone who wont rip up your scalp, Haha.

*Please excuse my eyebrows guys, I know they a mess LOL. They getting done today!*

What do you think? What are you doing to your hair for the holidays?

Let me know below!

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  1. […] I still have in the braids that I showed you guys in my Holiday Hair post. This style at least keeps my hair kind of tucked away and not directly exposed to the harsh […]

  2. A bit late – sorry! But you and your hair are absolutely gorgeous

    1. Aww, thank you so much!

  3. 💜💜💜 your hair is beautiful!

    1. Thank you!

  4. Love 💕 the holiday hair!

    1. Thank you!

  5. Love your hair! I want to get braids soon too!

    1. Thank you Hun!

  6. Love it!! 😍

    1. Thanks Queen!

  7. Nice!! I’ve been wanting to get my hair braided for awhile now, but I just can’t bring myself to sit for so long lol

    1. I know the feeling. This took 2 hours and I almost died! I had to keep taking breaks lol

  8. I love it!!

    1. Thank you!

  9. Your do got did. Nice. That’s a good look. I’m bald so I’m good for the holidays. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you! Haha well your all set and ready to go then. Happy Holidays to you as well.

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