New Years Hairolutions! Yes, You Read That Right!

Hey there Coily Clan,

I hope your holiday was nothing short of awesome (if you celebrate).

Now we prepare to welcome 2018 and all the glory I am hoping it brings.

This is the time we start to ponder on what our New years Resolutions will be.

Many of us are still on this “healthy hair journey” and it is quite an interesting roller coaster. Some days things go great and others….well our hair just decides to do whatever it wants.

So, I thought it would be fun to create some Hair Resolutions for the New Year…..Hairolutions! lol.

Okay! I’ll start:

  1. I am not going to go days (sometimes a week lol) without re-moisturizing my hair anymore. The laziness has to end! lol.

2. I am going to start back deep conditioning like I am supposed to, no matter how much time it adds to wash day! lol

What are some of your Hairolutions for 2018?

Let me know below.


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  1. Plan to do more deep conditioners and other products for the winter season.

    1. Yes I too need to deep condition more often

  2. I plan on doing more protective styles and deep conditioning my hair on a regular basis

    1. Yes! This is great. I am rooting for you! We can do this haha

      1. Lol… thanks

  3. I plan to protective style with braids, not neglect moisturizing while in braids and grow my hair out of its current tapered cut. It’s been a nice change but I miss having more hair. 😓 #longhairforgrad2019 haha

    1. I love it! I too been neglecting moisture. We have to stop! Haha

  4. Hmmmm… my Hairolutions for 2018 is to
    1) find a product to color my natural hair without causing damage
    2) use less heat as possible… I think I want to use heat maybe 6 times out the year
    3) drink more water (will most likely help my hair and is good for my overall health)

    1. I need to add #3 to my list too! I been slacking lol! Great list!

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