I Think I’m In Love- Profectiv Mega Growth Creme.

Hey Coily’s,

I hope 2018 is treating you great so far.

So a few months ago I stumbled across a product that I honestly didn’t have high hopes for. I personally have never heard of the company before, and by the looks of the woman on the jar I assumed the product was geared more towards relaxed hair.

Fast forward to today, I am so in love with Profectiv’s Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Strengthener Creme.


I purchased a 8.25 oz jar from my local Walmart for about $6. This product is also listed on Amazon.com for about $9 for the same size.

It is very thick, so you do not need much of it.



  • The smell– Guy’s it smells like fruit! The scent last all day.
  • The consistency- Because it is so thick, I find that the moisture holds longer in my hair, allowing me to not have to re-moisturize so often.
  • The Ingredients-  It is protein enriched with Olive Shea and Avocado.
  • The shine- I get a great natural, healthy looking sheen after application.
  • The price- I think this product is sold at a decent price. Most companies charge $10+ on jars this size nowadays.


  • Greasy residue- If you use too much, it will leave your hair weighed down and very greasy. It is a really thick product, a little goes a long way.

So I have been using this product for a few months now and I can honestly say I have NOT noticed any “Mega Growth” at all. It is a good Strengthener and an overall good moisturizer for my hair.


I give this product a 9/10.

Have you used this product or any products from the Profectiv line?

Let me know below!

*I purchased this product with my own money*

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  1. I need to try this. I use their leave in conditioner and it smells amazing too. It’s also very moisturizing.

  2. I’ll have to try this. I have used their deep conditioners and I love them! Thanks for the info!

    1. your welcome. I hope your hair like it! I have to find their deep conditioners lol

  3. Wow thanks for the product update I have to try the product out. This past summer I had wore my hair in many productive styles so now trying wear my hair out my natural state is in like a weird state. 🙃

    1. I hope your hair will like it. It is very moisturizing!

  4. I’m really surprised that you hadn’t seen this product for a while. I use to use it before I went Natural. I love it!

    1. A friend of mines was shocked as well. They said that this isn’t a new company. lol Idk why i’m just stumbling across it

      1. Lol it happens..

  5. I haven’t used this since being natural, I need to try again! My hair loves thick products. I love their deep conditioner.

    1. Yes my hair loves thick products as well. And I didn’t even know that they had a deep conditioner! I want to try it

  6. I used to use the provective creme relaxer before I went natural but I haven’t tried their other products

    1. I figured they were geared more towards relaxed hair then natural. This works wonders for my hair though

  7. Its pretty good, I have tried it and it worked really well.

    1. Yes. It’s deff a new fav

  8. I’ve seen this before, I should try it

    1. Its is a really good moisturizer, in my opinion!

  9. I’ve never heard about it, before. What is it? Deep conditioner? Leave in?

    1. I have never heard of it either before I picked it up. It is just a daily moisturizing creme.

      1. 👌🏽

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