How Do Men Feel About Natural Hair?

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It is cold and snowy in my part of the world today. We have about 3-4″ of snow at the moment and are supposed to get up to 10-12″. I really don’t like the cold.

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Anywho, Have you ever wondered how men felt about our natural hair journey’s? Or if they even cared at all?

Well I asked 3 men the same 3 questions about natural hair, and their responses may surprise you!

*Before we get started, let me just throw out there that these are just 3 men’s opinions. In no way can they speak for every man in the world. This is just a fun exercise to get some men involved in this beautiful journey*

Are you ready?


The Questions: 

  1. How do you feel about woman finally embracing their natural hair?
  2. Do you think a woman should consult her significant other before doing the “big chop?” Why or why not?
  3. Does it even matter to you whether a woman is natural or not?


The Answers:

Arian P.:

Q1: “I think it is a beautiful thing. I have daughters and I want them to feel comfortable and beautiful with the hair they have. I am all for a woman’s natural hair.”

Q2: “Absolutely! I think that is something we need to talk about first. If I am going to do anything to change my appearance I think it should be discussed beforehand.”

Q3: “Yes, I just prefer a natural woman. Just my preference. And like i said before, I have daughters, The woman I date could potentially become a role model for them. A natural role model will show them that it’s okay for them to be natural too.”


Benjamin W.:

Q1: “I believe women finally embracing their natural hair as a positive. It is essential to their self image, identity, and self worth, and contributes to their overall uniqueness as a woman.”

Q2: “I don’t believe it’s necessary for a woman to consult her significant other before the big chop. A heads up would be nice as a courtesy, though. The success of our relationship wouldn’t solely hinge on any cosmetic changes, and besides, hair grows back.”

Q3: “It doesn’t matter to me whether a woman is natural or not. I thought it did. I considered a woman who wasn’t natural as being shallow and superficial. Then, I realized that we live in a extremely misogynistic culture that continues to prize a woman’s physical attributes over her intellectual abilities that, unfortunately, many woman still depend on for their socioeconomic survival.”



Q1: “I like it. Everyone should embrace their natural. Weave sucks. It’s about time!”

Q2: : “Yes! because we need to be on the same page. If I decide to shave off my eyebrows, this is something I need to talk to you about.”

Q3: “Yes. I like natural woman, all that fake stuff is a mess. It’s a lie.


Very interesting answers, don’t ya think?

I appreciate these men for taking the time out to answer my questions honestly.

Also be sure to check out Benjamin’s site, he truly has a way with words.

How do you feel about these answers?

Let me know below!

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  1. Wow, it’s a lie. That’s deep!! My husband didn’t like natural when I decided on it. But he has come to love it. There’s a difference between unkempt natural hair and really giving it all the attention it needs!

    1. I agree. Not all men are open to the ideas of natural hair. I’m glad your husband learned to love it

  2. Wow, it’s a lie. That’s deep!! My husband didn’t like natural when I decided on it. But he has come to love it. There’s a difference between unkempt natural hair and really giving it all the attention it needs!

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  4. I can’t say for all but for me I know it’s Cul to keep natural hair. But not just anyhow, ladies are good in decorating their bodies so they can also do the same to their hair.

    1. That’s awesome

  5. Love this! So I’m in an interracial relationship and having to explain my hair to my boyfriend and his family when they ask me questions, DRIVES ME CRAZY! “How do they sew in a weave? Is it like through your scalp?” “How often do you wash your hair?” “Dreads and braids smell because you can’t wash them, right?”. Usually, I just Kermit the frog and sip my tea when I get a dumb question like that, BUT I do my best to educate them. I don’t mind the questions all that much because if they aren’t answered properly, I feel like it adds to the “black girls have weird hair’ stereotype, that a lot of people who aren’t of color often think. Previously, my friend asked me if I ASKED my boyfriend if it was ok to cut my hair. -_- No, I did not ask, I told him. He is my boyfriend he is not the leader of me or my appearance. Nor would I care if he told me no, had I asked him if it were “ok”. Unless I was doing something completely life changing to my body then I don’t care for anyone’s opinion. And my boyfriend completely agreed with that. He also told me he doesn’t care if I go bald because it will not change me as a person.He likes my natural look, me in a wig, me with clip ins, etc. That is what I call healthy love and a man who cares to let me do my own thing while I take the necessary steps to get healthier hair.

    1. Omg those questions would drive me crazy as well! But I’m glad your boyfriend is supportive in your journey, even if he doesn’t quite understand the versatility of it just yet. That is love.

  6. Great post. My boyfriend loves my natural hair.

    1. Thank you. And that’s awesome!

  7. I think women feeling that kind of support is encouraging them to go natural. If walk around in Nairobi today, all you see is natural natural natural!

  8. This is so true. It’s the same here in Kenya. Everyone is celebrating, my dad especially.

  9. This is so true. It’s the same here in Kenya. So many men are excited about natural hair and women embracing it. My dad especially. The saddest part about around 5-7yrs ago is that we are in Africa and people thought natural hair wasn’t good enough. I loved this piece. ♡

    1. I am glad people are are embracing natural hair as normal now instead of nappy. That is so great that you have the support of your dad! Support is good on this natural journey!

  10. Loved hearing other men’s point. My husband was the one who actually cut my hair when I did the ‘big chop’

    1. Wow that is amazing. It is so great to have that type of support In your corner.

      1. It was! 😉 I have been natural for over eight years and have never used a hot comb, because I’m sure he would give me the side 👁

      2. Haha! A team effort! I love it!

  11. This is really interesting!! Great idea.

    1. Thank you. Did any of the answers surprise you?

  12. Really interesting, I like how they all agree that going natural is a plus. My ex hates/hated my natural hair and got upset when I did the big chop. I also never consulted him about it, because it’s MY hair and it was totally unplanned. He really made me feel bad about it for a little. However, fast forward to my current guy and he actually loves natural hair and even suggests styles for me, lol
    Nice post! Stay warm! xoxo

    1. I like how they agree as well. I have been in that situation before. Having an ex dislike my natural hair. Although i never big chopped, he felt my natural hair was “nappy” and “undone.” I’m glad you found someone who loves your natural hair. My guy now even helps moisturize my scalp! lol. It truly makes the journey easier with someone by your side who is with it.

      1. Yess that’s so true having somebody in your corner. Because even now I still get the negative comments from people about my hair.

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