Where The Heck Have You Been?

Hey, Hey Coily’s,

Oh how I’ve missed you.

I know your probably like, “Where have you disappeared to?” and “Girl it’s been 20 days! I don’t even remember who you are anymore!”

LOL, Listen- I understand. I deserve that.

So where have I been?

2018 kicked off pretty rough for me.

For starters I took on extra classes at school in an attempt to graduate the end of this year instead of the beginning of next year.

Ugh, school has been kicking my butt!

On top of that, there were some personal matters with family that occurred.

Thankfully, through it all I did receive some exciting news that I can’t wait to tell you all! (I am extra so there will be a separate post about it, lol)

Quick hair update:

So I left my braids in for 5 weeks. I had so much new growth it didn’t make any sense lol. I used Wild Growth oil every other day. I just love that oil. My hair is currently out in two twist until further notice lol.


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