My Top 3 Must Have Hair Tools

The other day I was asked “If you were only allowed to pick 3 tools that you had to use on your natural hair for the next 5 years straight, what 3 would you pick?”

As I looked over at my overflowing dresser full of natural hair products and tools, I thought that picking only 3 would just be impossible.

There was no way that just 3 of the 70+ tools/products I had could sustain my hair for a week, let alone 5 years! After all, that’s why I bought all of this crap, right? ‘Cause I need it, and it works?  Lol.

Given time to think about my answer, I was able to pick 3 tools that I feel I would be able to survive with:


  1. Wide Tooth Comb

A Must have in my opinion. You can detangle, create parts, and style. 3-in-1 BOOM!                                                  comb

2. Large Elastic Headbands

I love these headbands. It can be twisted smaller to serve as a Scruncii for a ponytail or left large to create high buns and puff’s.


3. Spray Bottle

Whether your just filling it up with water or pouring in the ingredients you found in your kitchen, Spray bottles have always came in handy for me. I have a Spray bottle with just water in it, another filled with a homemade pre-poo treatment, another filled with a deep conditioner mix, and one filled with some essential oils for my itchy scalp.


So that’s my list. You think I can survive 5 years using only these 3? Lol. Hopefully I will never have to test that theory!

I want to ask you the same question. If you could only choose 3, what 3 tools would you pick to survive off of for 5 years straight?

let me know below.

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  1. I definitely need to get me some headbands, I actually use a bra strap and adjust it for tightness lol! I’d also include my satin cap/wrap instead of a comb.

    1. I completely forgot about my satin cap lol and wow that’s creative I never heard of anyone using a bra strap lol

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