The Amount Of Hair I Lost After Taking Out 2 Month Old Braids.

My, oh my! It is already October. 2018 has just flown right on by.

Anywho, I got my hair done in box braids the beginning of August. I typically only leave a style like that in for 3-4weeks. However, with the birth of my daughter and trying to get the hang of this “mom” thing I realized I had left the style in longer than anticipated, lol.

Taking out the braids was fairly easy but my hair was FILTHY! I guess that’s to be expected when you go 2 months without a good shampoo.

The shedding I got from taking the braids out was minimal. That didn’t surprise me as I get most of my shedding during my wash/detangling process.

During my detangling I noticed that my hair was a lot more knotty and matted then usual. I got scared because I just knew I would be spending hours ripping knots of hair out of my head.

2 hours and a half blow dried head later I gathered up all the hair I lost and was actually surprised at how little I lost.

This is all the hair from taking out the braids, washing, and detangling. Of course there may have been more hair that may have went down the drain, not much though. Now it may look like a lot to some but this is actually very little then what I’m used too.

The only thing I have consistently put on my hair during the 2 months it was in the braids is Wild Growth Oil.

Maybe the oil contributed somehow. I’m not sure but I hope this is the new norm for me!


2 thoughts on “The Amount Of Hair I Lost After Taking Out 2 Month Old Braids.

  1. highlytextured says:

    That’s great! especially with pregnancy. Oil usually makes our hair and roots stronger minimizing shedding and breakage so I think that may have helped. I’ll try doing that the next time I get braids or kinky twists done.

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