Let That Baby Cry!!


I guess you could say I am the typical first time mom. I check to see if my daughter is breathing every 5 minutes, I make visitors wash their hands before holding her, I’m afraid to take her out into crowded places because I assume everyone is a walking disease, and I call her doctor for every little cough and sneeze.

But maybe the worst thing I had a habit of doing was running to her every time she cried.

Sounds crazy, right?

Why would running to her when she cried be a bad thing?

Well I would drive myself crazy trying to figure out why my daughter was crying. I would drop whatever I was doing and simply run to her. I would spends upwards of an hour trying to soothe her. Some days were easier then others.

I would change her, feed her, play music, rock her, talk to her, and hug her, yet she would continue to cry.

My daughter would even cry in her sleep! I would jump out of bed assuming that these cries meant she needed me, only to get to her and realize she had fallen back to sleep on her own.

After weeks of tiring myself out I finally realized: babies cry!

Yes, babies just cry. Nothing could be wrong. They just cry.

Of course, I would make sure that her cries weren’t from hunger, pain, wet diaper, and so on. But if all her needs were satisfied and she was still crying I just let her cry.

If she cried in her sleep, I would wait a few minutes before jumping up to see if she would fall back to sleep on her own or if she really needed me.

The great thing is that my daughter started to learn how to soothe herself. Which was great for both of us.

Babies just cry!

I haven’t quite gotten over the other “first time mom” habits yet. But one thing at a time lol.

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  1. You are a great mom and a fast learner 😊😊😊

    1. Thank you. I have to learn quick otherwise she would drive me up a wall lol

      1. 🀣🀣🀣

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