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My Hospital Bag for C-Section Delivery. What I Actually Used.


If you are anything like me, then you probably searched the internet high and low looking for what you should pack and take with you to the hospital to meet your precious baby.

I had no idea what to bring and my hospital provided no guidance. ( I guess they figured I should know these things lol)

Well after much research and a sprinkle of common sense I successfully packed for my 4 day hospital stay. I will let you guys know everything I packed, what I used, and what I didn’t use at all.

Momma’s Bag

Baby’s Bag

Dad’s Bag

I was able to get all of our things into just 2 bags! As you can see, we didn’t use a lot of the stuff we brought. My hospital pretty much provided everything, especially for me and the baby. All we really needed was clothes and toiletries.

All hospital are different and what they provide may vary. I recommend calling the maternity ward you will be delivering at and asking what they provide. This will give you better insight on what to pack.

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