It’s The Perfect Time To Rock That Fro!

It has been steadily in the 60’s here in my part of the world. I consider this to be the perfect weather to bring out the Afro.

For me, when it’s too cold my hair becomes very dry and brittle.

And when it’s too hot my hair tends to poof up into a matted, tangled mess.

I tend to keep my hair up and out of the way during those too hot or too cold days.

But when the weather is as perfect as it has been the last few days I let it all hang loose! Lol

Twist outs, braid outs,and my newly favorite: The Afro.

See, I use to be one of those women who were brainwashed into thinking the Afro was ugly, nappy, and unkempt.

I wouldn’t dare be caught in public with such a style.


Long gone are the days of being ashamed of my ‘fro.

Long gone are the days of hiding all of it’s beauty.

I only hope that if you find yourself ashamed or embarrassed of your hair that you let go of that way of thinking.

Your hair is beautiful.

No matter what style you wear, OWN it!

Rock it proudly!

Your hair is truly beautiful.


6 thoughts on “It’s The Perfect Time To Rock That Fro!

  1. Batmom85 says:

    Girl you have some GORGEOUS HAIR! Oh my gosh I’m in love it’s goals! It’s life! It’s glorious crown! Oh so beautiful! Rock that fro’ rock it girl!! Yasss! Love this article so much!

    Liked by 1 person

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