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Postpartum Shedding Is Real!! Tips To Keep It Under Control.


I read stories about postpartum shedding and was horrified that it would happen to me.

Women were pulling clumps of hair out of their combs and brushes, and for someone who has dedicated years to growing their hair, that is a scary sight to see.

After I had my daughter, I was pleasantly surprised that I had no shedding at all. My hair was strong, shiny, and still full of body.

Even 4 weeks postpartum I was still holding on to my strands.

At this point I’m thinking that I’ll just be one of those women that got lucky enough to skip the shedding phase.

Boy, was I wrong.

Around 8 weeks postpartum something changed. My hair looked and felt drier then normal.

It’s starting to get cold here so I chalked it up to the weather changing.

Then suddenly, my hair began to shed.

EVERY time I ran my fingers, comb, or brush through my hair i would get a clump of hair!

I wanted to cry.

It was so bad that if I had continued to shed like that, I would have been bald within a week!!

This picture is how much hair I was losing DAILY!

That’s a lot of hair to lose every single day.

I tried finger combing In hopes to minimize the damage, NOPE. I still would pull out the same amount of hair.

Frustrated and sad, I combed out my hair one good time and then plaited it up and left it alone.

By the beginning of week 9 postpartum, the amount of shedding decreased drastically.

I was still shedding more than normal, but I was no longer pulling out clumps.

Tips that helped me minimize the shedding:

  1. I started back taking my prenatal vitamins. I noticed a positive change in my hair when I first started taking my vitamins back when I found out I was pregnant.
  2. Low manipulation hair styles. The less I had to comb through my hair, the less it shed.
  3. Moisturize. Keeping my strands moisturized discourages breakage. I didn’t need shedding and breaking. Deep condition!

I can’t 100% stop the shedding, it will stop when it’s ready. But I have done these things to help minimize the amount of shedding I get.

Let’s just hope that I come out of this phase with some hair still on my head, lol!!

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