Length Check!

Happy Sunday!

So, I was in the process of twisting my hair up as a protective style since I’m currently going through this postpartum shedding phase.

I thought to myself, “This is a good time to do a length check.”

The last length check I did was back in July. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures back then (smh) just recorded my numbers:

July 2018

  • Front- 8 inches
  • Back- 7 inches
  • Left side- 6.5 inches
  • Right side- 7 inches
  • Middle- 6 inches

Moving on to my current length.

I used a 12 inch ruler for this length check.

October 2018

  • Front- 11 inches
  • Back- 10.5 inches
  • Left side- 10 inches
  • Right side- 10 inches
  • Middle- 9 inches

The front of my hair has always been the longest and the middle the shortest.

I think I got some pretty good growth for just 3 months. What do you think?


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