An Edge Control That Actually Works!

If your hair is anything like mines then finding products that actually lay down your hair is a task. More-so, finding a long lasting hold.

People recommended i try all sorts of gels, sprays, and waxes.

I kept running into the same problem with these products. Either they didn’t last long enough or they left behind an ugly white residue.

I finally came across a product that lasted through the hot summer days and didn’t leave a residue!

Murray’s EdgeWax

This edge control smells really good.

And has a thick consistency that helps my edges stay in place for hours. Even during those summer hot days.

I applied this edge control by itself to my edges and used a hard bristle brush to get my hair to lay the way I wanted to.

I then applied a scarf around my edges for 15 minutes.

When I removed the scarf, my edges laid smooth. There was no white residue, flaking, or any crunchiness.

It actually feels like it’s hydrating my edges.

I also don’t need much of the wax either.

I have been using this stuff for a little over a year and I can honestly say I love this stuff.

Here is a few styles I did with this edge control :

Most beauty supply stores should carry this product. If not you can order it on Amazon!

Have you ever used Murray’s EdgeWax?

What is your favorite edge control?

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases*

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