We Have A Stage 5 Clinger! Send Help! Lol

I have been running around trying to get a lot done these past few days.

It seems no matter what I accomplish I never get any closer to the finish line.

That finish line looks even further away when I have a tiny person attached to my neck all day, lol.

Yes, my 2 month old is a clinger!

I better not even THINK about putting her down or all hell will break loose!

I placed my daughter in her Boppy pillow so I could run to the bathroom and she screamed like she was in the worst pain of her life!

She screamed so loud she lost her voice.

All the toys, swings, pillows, and chairs mean absolutely nothing to her!

It’s so funny because she will be crying, but the second I pick her up she starts smiling and laughing like she wasn’t just screaming bloody murder seconds prior!

My little honey bun is only content being wrapped in my arms.

Have you tried using the bathroom with an infant attached to your hip? Not the easiest to do, lol.

People tell me to get a infant carrier because it will make things easier.

Umm no!

I have a carrier and let me tell you, it’s still a task.

Have you tried frying chicken with an infant strapped to your chest? And successfully managed to not get either of you popped with grease? Because I don’t think it’s possible, lol.

Although there are times laundry gets back up (mostly her fault), dishes go unwashed, and dinner not served on time, I love my little clinger and wouldn’t trade these moments for the world!


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