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The Importance Of Moisturizing Your Strands.


Hey there,

I hope your weekend was great.

Over the weekend I had a friend tell me how she felt it was no need to moisturize her hair since it was just going to keep getting dry again anyways.

Of course, I completely disagree with her.

A properly moisturized mane promotes elasticity, thus preventing breakage.

When your hair is dry and brittle, even something as simple as running your fingers through it could cause your strands to snap.

See the formula is pretty simple to me:

Moisturized strands = Elasticity

Elasticity = Less Breakage

Less Breakage + Moisture = Length Retention!!

I met a woman who claimed her hair just wouldn’t grow. Which simply isn’t true. Unless you have a protein deficiency or an illness, All hair grows!

After talking with this woman for 20 minutes or so, i realized that hair growth wasn’t her problem. It was length retention.

Her hair was always dry and because of this her hair always broke off.

I have even met a woman who preferred not to moisturize because of the shrinkage she got. She didn’t like shrinkage.

Now, I certainly don’t claim that moisture is the unlocked secret to long, beautiful tresses BUT it certainly helps maintain what we already have going on.

Along with combating breakage, moisture helps give our hair that beautiful sheen and body we all love so much.

Dry hair is dull, flat, stiff, and crunchy. No ma’am! That’s not what we want!

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all moisture routine. Every head of hair is different. But whether you use the latest creams, all natural butters, or even just water, just make sure you moisturize!

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