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I’m Loving This Travel System: Chicco Cortina CX!


Have you ever walked down the car seat/stroller isle of a store? There are so many options it can become overwhelming very quick. Each product claiming to be better then the next.

With all the different colors, material, and stroller attachment options, I had no clue about how to pick a car seat and stroller.

Luckily, we were able to get a travel system that me and my daughter love at my baby shower!

The Chicco Cortina CX Travel System was given to us by my daughters great grandmother and I just love it.

We have it in the color pictured, which is called “Iron”.

I love that it’s a very neutral color.

The Pros:

The Cons:

Although this travel system was gifted to us, I did look up the price at a few stores to gives you guys a feel of how much this system costs.

Chicco, the manufacturer has this travel system listed on their website for $299.99.

That price point seems to be consistent with some of the major retailers I looked up.

Now, I did see that there were some places, like EBay, that give you the option to buy the system used for a lot cheaper.

Overall, I give this travel system a 9 out of 10!

Anything that makes mama life easier is a win for me.

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