Shedding After A 3 Week Protective style.

So, for the last 3 weeks I had my hair in plaits as a protective style. I am still going through this postpartum shedding phase and I felt it was best to keep a low manipulation hair style for a while.

While my hair was plaited up, I only spritzed it with water and leave-in conditioner.

I did not undo the twist at all, not even to redo them when they started to get fuzzy.

Today I finally took my twist down and did a thorough detangle of my hair and collected all the shed strands.

Even though this is 3 weeks of shed hair, I still feel that it is excessive.

It’s not much I can do for the postpartum shedding except keep it moisturized, low manipulation, and let it run its course. I have been able to minimize the shedding by sticking to a regimen.

Luckily, you still can’t tell that I’m losing as much hair as I am. I still do not have any bald spots and my hair doesn’t seem to be getting shorter nor thinner.

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