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!!Free Baby Goodies!!



Happy Saturday! I hope you’re doing well.

While I was pregnant I spent my time researching all things baby. As a first time mom I wanted to know all the latest products and what the best diapers were and so on and so fourth.

Well, on my research journey i stumbled across many companies that gave away free, yes FREE, baby goodies. I’m not ashamed to say I gladly took them all, lol. You just can’t beat free.

I came up with a list of all of the companies that I have personally got freebies from and am excited to share it with you so that you (or someone you know who is pregnant or just had a baby) can get free stuff too!

  1. Amazon Welcome Box- To get this box you have to have a prime membership and set up a baby registry with them. Once there is at least 10$ in merchandise purchased off of your registry, they send you a box of goodies. I got many full sized products along with a Muslin blanket and onesie!
  2. Target Welcome Bag- You have to set up a registry with target and the bag can be picked up at their customer service desk. I got a lot of samples with this bag. I also got some bottles, pacifiers, and full size packs of wipes!
  3. Requires you to create an online registry with them. It took about 30 days to arrive but I got a ton of great sample products. I did not get any full-sized products with this box.
  4. Walmart Welcome Kit- This box does NOT require a registry. You DO have to pay 5$ for shipping. The box arrived in 2 weeks. I received mainly different types of bottles but I did get some good coupons and some diapers.
  5. Noobie Box- This does NOT require a registry. You do have to pay 7$ for shipping. I received my box in a week. I got full-sized cleaning products and many great baby samples.
  6. BabyBox University- This does not require a registry. You have to watch a series of short baby safety videos and then take a simple quiz. Depending on where you live, you may be given the option to pick up your box or have it shipped to you for 3$. I think it may only be available in select states. They sent a huge box with a mattress! Yes! A mattress. I also received many samples and a few full-sized products as well.
  7. Burlington- This does require a registry. It has to be picked up in stores. Burlington Coat Factory doesn’t have locations everywhere unfortunately. However, this was my least favorite bag so if you don’t live close to one you aren’t missing much. A bag of samples and coupons.
  8. Honest Co.- This does NOT require a registry. It is 6$ for shipping. I received a sample of some of their diapers and wipes, along with many coupons to use with their company.
  9. SimilacMoms- does NOT require a registry. They ship samples of their formula. I think this was great because you are able to do a test run with your baby to see which formula they like. It took 3 weeks for my samples to arrive. They also send coupons for their formula.
  10. Enfamil- Does NOT require a registry. Same concept as Similac, they send samples of formula and coupons. Took 2 weeks to arrive.
  11. Motherhood Maternity- Does NOT require a registry. You have to sign up for their rewards program (in store) and then they hand you a bag. Great coupons (cause they are expensive in their, honey!) and great baby samples and samples for mother as well.
  12. Does NOT require a registry. Giving away free shoes (select styles) you just have to cover the cost of shipping. I picked out four pairs of shoes and just paid 10$ in shipping costs. My order arrived in about 2 weeks.

If you have received free goodies from a company you don’t see listed, let us know below!

*Also, I am unsure if any of these companies ship outside of the United States. Nor am i aware if there are any extra fees with shipping outside of the United States*

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