Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Pomade. I’ll Pass!

Hey friends. I hope your enjoying this holiday season. It’s been a little hectic for me so far with school and all.

Nonetheless, I’m grateful!

So, on my recent trip down the hair care isle in my local Walmart I spotted this tiny, tiny little jar on the shelf.

Just how tiny? A 2oz jar. That’s how tiny.

It was a shine pomade by Carol’s Daughter.

I have tried a few other Carol’s Daughter products before and had really enjoyed them so I decided to give this pomade a try.

The pomade was only $2.97 at my Walmart so naturally, I was pretty happy about that lol.

My first impression of the pomade was the smell. It just wasn’t pleasant to me.

Do you remember how some people would coat their hair with hair grease and then hot comb it, causing this burnt, greasy smell?

Well that’s the best way I can describe the smell of this product. And it it really strong!

The pomade claims to moisturize the scalp, control frizz, and condition the hair.

Well for my hair, all it did was add a nice shine. None of the other stuff it claimed.

I will say that one thing I actually DID like about this product is that it gave a nice natural looking shine without weighing down my hair or causing a greasy look.

Another good thing about it is that you don’t need a lot of it so even though the jar is tiny, it will last awhile.

However, for me, the smell alone makes this product a no-go. I can’t tolerate it.

So overall, I give this product a 2/10!


  • Gives a great natural shine without weighing down the hair
  • Don’t need a lot of product, product last a while
  • The price is really cheap


  • Doesn’t do all that it claims

Have you ever tried this pomade? How’d you like it? Let me know below.

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