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6 Budget Friendly Shampoo & Conditioners That Actually Work For Curly Hair!


Is it just me or is January just flying by?

Anywho, I was shopping around in Target the other day, browsing the hair products, and I realized that these hair products are EXPENSIVE!

Ya’ll there was a little 8oz bottle of shampoo on the shelf for $13.


When you factor in how thick our hair is and how much product we have to use, you realize that little 8oz bottle is only good for 2-3 washes (if that).

And don’t forget you have to buy the matching $13 conditioner to go with it.

*insert eye roll here*

So today I am going to tell you guys 6 shampoo & conditioner options that are budget friendly and curly hair friendly.

When I say budget friendly I mean it! Each item is priced less than $8!! (Although prices may vary in some areas)

These are all shampoo and conditioners that I have personally used on my hair and friends and family.

So here we go:

I do have a bonus for you that’s not less than $8 but still reasonably priced.


As naturals, we don’t always have to break the bank to get a good quality product. We have many options. So for those that may be college students or just don’t want to spend much on a good conditioner, I hope you find this super helpful.

Until next time!

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