Length Check!

Happy Sunday! So, I was in the process of twisting my hair up as a protective style since I'm currently going through this postpartum shedding phase. I thought to myself, "This is a good time to do a length check." The last length check I did was back in July. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures … Continue reading Length Check!

The Best Light Weight Leave-In Conditioner!

Hey Coily's, I have stumbled across the BEST light weight leave-in conditioner. It's by Creme Of Nature and it's called Strength & Shine leave in conditioner. I know for coarse, thicker hair many naturals opt for a creamy leave-in conditioner; which I also prefer myself. However, when I'm wearing styles such as braid-outs, Twist-outs, and … Continue reading The Best Light Weight Leave-In Conditioner!